Friday, June 15, 2007

Lunch With Lily

Gina's friend Lily was visiting Athens this weekend, all the way over from LONDON! They had a ton of weekend activities planned, but since I had my own activities planned in Detroit this weekend, I only joined them for the beggining and ending festivities. On Friday, we met up at Broney's for lunch.

It was my very first time visiting Broney's. The plan was to eat at Jackie O's on the patio, but it was closed! So we went to Broney's. And I was surprised to discover that they have an AWESOME beer selection?! Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat on tap?! IN ATHENS?!?!? And Hoegaarden and Oberon! And many other delicious beers! And SHUFFLEBOARD! So there you have it. Broney's seems like it will be fun.

Gina, me, and Lily!

Tom with his BLT!

Okay, so we set our cameras on a table in order to take a self-timer group photo. But right as we all started to pose, Gina decided to run back and check her camera again and my camera caught Jill, Tom and me all giving Gina the "WTF?!" face! Hahaa. Lily looks lovely, though!

Take two! There we go! GROUP PHOTO!

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