Wednesday, December 13, 2017

OHIO's 12th Annual Gingerbread Contest

Our team at Advancement Communication and Marketing participated in OHIO's 12th Annual Gingerbread Contest today. We decided to do a whimsical rendition of the Ohio Today printing press!

Here is our blueprint:



We saw that another team had a dremel tool, so we called my dad to see if we could borrow his. He dropped off a bag of tools!! It made things a lot easier.

Tools for the win!

Such precision!

Cutting candy canes to precise measurements!

The conveyor belt.

Kailee and Kelee working with the sugar paper.

And the best part are the little Ohio Today magazines!! With printed sugar paper covers! Look how cute!!!!


The finished product! CMYK inks on top of the press. ACM stockings in front!

Printing presses are simple. The paper goes in...

... and magazines come out!

Stacks and stacks of delicious magazines!

There were so many great gingerbread houses in the contest. This scale model of Zenner House won first prize, "Most Creative."

Pretty amazing!

They even included the little fish pond!

Santa's Stable was amazing. Look at that ice pond!

White's Mill!


ACM won "Most Original" and the coveted "People's Choice" awards. We won three free pizzas! We're looking forward to cashing those in for a pizza party. Go ACM!

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