Thursday, August 10, 2006

Athens High School Mini Reunion and Unicorn Tattoos!

On my way home from the fair, I got a call from some high school buddies that I hadn't seen in ages. They were at O'Hooley's, so I headed up to meet them. Alaina and Ani!

Ani, Alaina, and me!

Out on the patio, we ran into Ry, and he gave me a tattoo. It hurt.

Then we headed up to the Cat's Eye, and we took that Sharpie with us.

How did THAT get there?

Pretty much everyone let me give them a tattoo.

Hahah, even the doorman got one!

Melanie's tattoo is a little strugglin'.

The following night, I brought a blue marker out instead, and over 12 people got tattoos!! Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera that night, so the only photo I have is one Linda took on her camera phone. It's a good thing she had that, because it is not often you see this rare species of unicorn, the Nipplecorn:

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