Saturday, November 04, 2006

Columbus Halloween Fun!

Today, Ben and I headed up to Columbus. First we stopped at Yankee Trader, where we met up with Clark and Anne! I had to stock up on piñata innards for Linda's upcoming Mexican Fiesta. Then we hit up Jeni's Ice Cream for some Thai Chili deliciousness. Then it was time for North Star deliciousness. THEN it was time for parties!

First up, we went to a surprise party for Laura. We played some pool in the basement, and drank some Coronas. Laura was SUPER surprised. It was awesome. Then we suited up in our Zissou Gear and went to Amy's for a Halloween Party! It was a great party. There was a Serious Off, a Handstand Off, HANKY PANKS, Asshole, dart guns, Crown Royal, dancing and more!

Click here for photos

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