Saturday, December 16, 2006

Breakfast Fun

This morning, Ben and I decided to cook some breakfast. Everyone knows that I play favorites with my cats, and this morning I was so sick of Emma that we decided to cook her!

At the last minute, we decided she would probably taste sort of gross so we decided to spare her. This time.

Then, we ate some clementines and Ben decided to try and see if he could fit a whole one in his mouth!

That is a big huge bite.

It's in there!

But can he chew it? He managed to.

Making blueberry pancakes.

I got to crack the eggs.

AND throw them across the kitchen into the garbage disposal. WHEE!

Charlie was very helpful.

Mostly he just stood around looking cute and being GREAT.

Emma sat on the outskirts of the kitchen, because she didn't want to DIE.

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