Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Meat Cooked Outdoors of the Year!

IT'S SO SPRINGY FINALLY! To celebrate the awesome weather, Tom had Vana, Ben and I out for a cookout! First cookout of the season!

MMM! Pork!

We dined al fresco!

In addition to the pork, we drank a couple of DELICIOUS wines. We started with this Solo Rosa rose.

Tom's famous appetizer! Goat cheese with sundried tomatoes, and little crusty breads.

Tom says: "Get Tested."

Bottle number two!

This was a Peter Lehmann and it was DELICIOUS. It's my favorite perfect type of wine.

Vana was impressed with the legginess of the wine.

Time to eat!

Look how pretty.

YUM!! I made the salad.

After dinner we had little baby tiramisus and coffee with Bailey's! Then we played euchre.

Me doing my lecturey explaining face. I was teaching Vana about night flash.


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