Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leah's Housewarming Party

Leah's housewarming party was today. We warmed her house! Look, she's like "Dude, I bought a HOUSE!":


Vana! Look at Leah's pretty yard!

Leah's friend Tracy.

Dan looks like he is playing Rock Paper Scissors.


Vana with her fancy snack invention: baguette with brie, apple, honey, and a slice of a big fatty hot dog:

Rose and Marco playing the newest game to hit the party circuit, "Pass the Grass."

You have to try to pass a grass mustache around the circle!

No one could successfully pass it. But Rose wore it around for awhile!

Unicorn pegasus!



We were getting wood for the fire, and this log looked exactly like a BOOT!

So we took turns pretending we were wearing a boot:

A peackock and a mermaid unicorn pegasus!

And last but not least, an important public service announcement by Dan Jones:

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