Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wednesday of Brew Week is always nice, because there's usually nothing I have to be at, so I just get to go and drink beer! Which I also did on Monday this year. What a great week! Today we started at The Red Brick. We got Summer Ale, Solstice White Wit Bier, Raspberry Porter, and Wheat Cloud.

We decided to stay for the meatball eating contest.

Which I totally regretted because it was DISGUSTING!!!! I decided I am not a fan of eating contests.

Then we went to the Pigskin. I decided not to mess around with the sample sizes, and just got a big old pint of the Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter. I wanted to climb into my cup and swim around!!

We ended the night with the Strawberry Kolsch at 19 South.

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