Saturday, November 14, 2009

Girls' Night in Columbus

Today I headed to Columbus to hang out with my longtime buddies!! We went to Jeni's as an appetizer. Mmm. I got a trio with Blackstrap Praline, Goat Cheese with Cognac Figs, and Bourbon Buttered Pecan.

Group shot (thanks, Kara!).

Then we went to Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace. Anne and I split the Nicola greek dog, and the Sonoran bacon-wrapped dog with salsa, refries, cheddar and onions. And tater tots. It was DELICIOUS.

Then we headed over to Jenny's new house! She picked us up a bunch of overalls from the thrift store. We decided to take a group photo before we got to work. I set my camera up to take ten in a row. First, normal:

Rosie the Riveter!

This was supposed to be Jazz Hands but Kara accidentally scratched Anne in the FACE!!! So she and Jenny know something is going down, but Claudia and I are totally obvlious there on the ends:

Close up!

So then the camera caught us asking if Anne was okay and the general chaos:


But then we pulled it together (sort of) for a final Jazz Hands shot:

Then we did a toast to Jenny's new house! Cheers!

Then it was time to get to work. First we laid down the dropcloths. Overall butts!!

Anne and I painted the sun room yellow!

The last room we did, we all worked on together. The best part was when all of a sudden, we looked up and realized that four of us had painted ourselves into this one corner and we were like "WHY are we all painting SO CLOSE TOGETHER?!?!" Hahahahaha.

The next morning, we went to brunch! Kara had brought us some trash cans. I said to Claudia, "You could get in that box!" And then she did!!

Jenny's neighbor's cat looks like a UNICORN.

Brunch at Northstar. Claudia and I shared the breakfast burrito and the veggie burger. Perfect choice!

Then I came home. I miss everyone already!

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