Saturday, December 19, 2009

NBIA Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual NBIA Christmas Party! We followed tradition and did a big round of Irish Car Bombs. Last year, Cheryl was unable to attend the party, but she is the fastest car bomber I've ever seen. Randy was the champion at the party last year, and we were all excited to see who would win since they were both in attendance this year.

Cheryl was the winner!!

I have retired from racing for the most part. I've won my fair share, and this way I can actually enjoy the car bomb and also not get as much of it on my outfit! So there's me, totally losing:

Father daughter picture!

Megan and Bob!

Billie and Bob!

Ben was going crazy playing this little handheld video game!

Yay! Party! That must be a really fun video game.

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