Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Pool Party

Today was our first time going out to Summer & J's pool this year. That means Summertime has officially begun! YAY!


Lori was telling Summer and I about these drinks that she had in Brazil, Caipirinhas. They are made with sugar, crushed ice, lime juice, and this liquor called Cachaca. Lori was saying that when she gets her hands on another bottle of Cachaca, that she'd love to make some for us. She wasn't sure if you could get it in the U.S. or not, she'd gotten her last bottle in Brazil.

Summer said that sounded oddly familiar, and had a hunch that she might possibly HAVE a bottle of Cachaca in her liquor cabinet! We went in to see, and sure enough, she did. Summer definitely wins the prize for having the most thoroughly and impressively stocked liquor cabinet ever!!

So obviously we had to make some! They were delicious.

We played some more cornhole, rounding out this amazing three-day weekend with FOUR days of cornhole in a row!

Here is a picture of a bag that Summer threw, as it blasts into the hole. CORNHOLE!!!

Summer and Lori!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody! Here's to a fantastic summer! I hope it's a hot one!

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