Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Pumpkin Party

Tonight was Emily's annual pumpkin carving party. I got a huge pumpkin and decided that I would walk to Emily's carrying it. I thought that it would be okay because of that one time that Ben and I walked to a party WAY down the bike path carrying pumpkins. It turns out that a shorter distance with a bigger pumpkin does not equal a longer distance with a smaller pumpkin.

I should have gotten a picture of me holding it so that you could see the size ratio, but it was freaking HUMONGOUS. That is my foot over to the right in the above picture, if it gives you any idea. I was thinking it had to be at least thirty pounds, but other people better at spatial relations and such were telling me it was probably closer to fifteen or twenty. It was too big for me to comfortably hold, and I had to take like fifty breaks on the way to Emily's house, which is <0.3 miles from mine. My arms hurt for DAYS!!!

Maybe it would help to see Carl next to the pumpkin. SEE HOW HUGE?

Here is the full lineup of pumpkins!

That's mine on the left with the monocle and mustache.

I loved Mark's pumpkin in misery. He's so MISERABLE!!

Summer's Seaman's pumpkin was awesome!

Carl and Brad got rowdy later in the night and had a major wrestling session in the pumpkin pulp.

Boys will be boys!

I don't think there was a clear winner, but then again, EVERYONE'S a winner when you're wrestling in pumpkin!

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