Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm engaged!!!!!

After Christmas Dinner over at my folks' house last night, Ben and I headed home to open our presents to each other. Afterward, he suggested we play some Bananagrams. Yay, I love games and especially Bananagrams! So, we were playing for awhile, when suddenly he pushed the tiles aside and set a little special pile of tiles in front of me. He asked if I could figure out what they spelled and I was like, "Of course! I'm super good at word games!" and I started spelling some different words with them. Then he said, "Here, I know what they spell!" And he made them spell THIS:

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like "OF COURSE! YES! YAY!!!" I was so surprised!! It was unbelievable. Definitely the best game of Bananagrams EVER!! After he spelled it out, he pulled out a ring box. He had made a temporary ring, knowing that I'd want to be in on any jewelry choosing efforts (correct!). He should be a jeweler, look what he can do with cardboard and glitter!

This morning, Dad made us a little celebration breakfast.

Aw, yay. I'm so happy! We're getting MARRIED!!!

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Gina Geremia said...

A Big, Huge, ENORMOUS congratulations to you and Ben. Justin and I are SOOO happy for you both! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

You're getting MARRIED!!!