Friday, April 08, 2011

I Didn't Miss The Cherry Trees!

I'm leaving for California first thing tomorrow morning, and I was feeling super pouty and bummed this week because I thought I was going to miss the cherry trees this year. I could see the buds starting to peek out slowly throughout the week, and figured that next week they were going to explode. Even yesterday morning they were still little buds. But it was a sunny and gorgeous day, and by the late afternoon, a bunch of them had bloomed!

So last night when we got home from work, Ben and I took a little drive down to see them! We try to always have a visit or a picnic under them while they're in bloom.

Yay! There they are! They're not in full bloom yet of course, but they were DEFINITELY worth a visit! There were lots of people out enjoying them.

Happy to be there!

What good luck! I really feel complete and ready for my trip now. I know I'll see lots of cool and beautiful things in California, but I have to say I feel very lucky to have gotten a little glimpse of the cherry trees this year. They're really special and awesome! I bet they're going to be incredible next week, everyone should go and enjoy them as much as possible!

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