Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Counters!

Ben and I got new counters!! Our old counters were only OKAY. When we moved in, the formica was peeling off. Dad fixed it up with some glue, and made these nice wooden edges to hold everything in (thanks, Pa!). That made it absolutely livable for the past two years. But it was hard to clean and just not the BEST. I spend a lot of time cooking in this kitchen, so it was definitely time for an upgrade! Here are the counters before:

And here are the NEW counters! They are Corian and they are THE BEST. They have these little subtle bits of SPARKLE throughout and it makes me soooo happy! It's a subtle, amazing sparkle. You walk through the kitchen, and glittering SPARKLES catch your eye!! And the counters are so satisfying to clean because they LITERALLY SPARKLE.

With a seamless sink! SO EASY TO CLEAN!

Here is a video to show the subtle sparkle. It's hard to capture on film, but you can see them sparkling!


Megan said...

Nice video!

orangek8 said...

THANK you!!!

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