Saturday, July 09, 2011

Visit from Claudia

Claudia came to visit yesterday with her boyfriend Kyle! Immediately upon their arrival, we went to Casa for lunch. Then we walked all over uptown and campus, looking at all the things that have changed since college. That made us very thirsty, so we went to Jackie O's to taste some beers!

Kyle had never been to Athens, so we had to show him the Ridges! We walked along the nature trails and then decided to play some putt putt. I was VERY excited to discover that they had added a little stream with a tiny waterfall to the course!!!! I feel like a putt putt course is not up to par (ha ha) unless they have running water on the course.

When I was in middle school, I spent every free second at Putt-On's, the mini golf course that used to be out on Columbus Road. It was AWESOME and they totally had a fish pond and a MOUNTAIN. Eventually, somebody decided to tear that course down and put up a super crappy flat one instead with crappy obstacles and NO WATER. I never went there and of course it went out of business, because it sucked.

ANYWAY. The course up at the Ridges has just been getting better and better now that people are finally taking care of it! And I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the waterfall!!

And it's actually a DOUBLE waterfall because there are falls at each end of the little stream!!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing the course. We each got one hole-in-one!

Claudia cracked me up on this hole, because she used a technique I had never seen before. She actually got INSIDE the quilt square box!!

It was a pretty smart idea. Kyle followed suit.

For dinner we went to Purple Chopstix, mmmm. Then this morning it was back to Casa for brunch! What a delicious visit!

I got the seasonal huevos rancheros. There was peach berry salsa under there!! So good.

And we shared a biscuit with soysage gravy.

Unicorn pegasus time!



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