Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dennis!

This evening we headed out to Dennis's land to celebrate his birthday. We had a cookout! There was a bit of an incident with the wieners. The grate they were cooking on kept tipping!

Oh no! Look at those wieners down there in the ashes!

It was a bit of a situation.

Eventually we decided to rinse them off and throw them back on the grill.

It was a great solution!

The wieners also kept rolling off into the cinder block holes. Dang it!

But it was okay. We just rinsed those off too! Iris was shamelessly trying to get a taste of the wiener water dripping out of the glass.


I'm not sure what was going on here. Wiener exchange!

Rita was being really good all night! She had to be on her chain so that she and Iris wouldn't cause trouble.

Time to eat!

We also made shish kabobs.

And corn!

There was also a giant green salad, pasta salad, chipotle dip and cheesecake. What a night! Happy birthday to Dennis!

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