Friday, October 05, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Nine

This morning, we headed to Ke'e Beach. Ben wanted to hike the Kalalau Trail again. I was still sore from the first time, so I relaxed at the beach and read my book while he hiked. You can actually see hikers from the beach!

Ben joined me on the beach after his hike.

My little monkey!

We had to be out of our house early the next morning, so we decided to get one last burrito lunch from Red Hot Mama's.

I was so happy, because all week I had been hoping that fresh ahi tuna would be one of the choices for the day, and today it WAS! It was AMAZING!!!!! And of course that delicious local avocado!

That evening, we went back to Ke'e Beach for one last sunset. We got there early this time, so we had some time to relax and really enjoy ourselves. There are these crazy one-way bridges all over the island. This one is on the way to Ke'e Beach!

There it goes!

I bet it would be fun to see the sunset from THAT boat!


I brought along a snack!

Avocado poke!

Poke is cubes of raw ahi sashimi, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil. What a treat!

You can see the sunset in our sunglasses.

There goes that ship!


That's me chatting up another couple on the beach. We were trying to figure out if those hazy sections on the horizon were rainstorms.

We're pretty sure they totally are!

We ended up chatting with the couple until dark!!


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