Friday, February 01, 2013

Euchre Night With Tom

Tom is in town, and whenever Tom is in town, we try to get together for a Euchre night! This visit was no exception. Summer and J hosted a euchre night at their house. Complete with a beer tasting! This black IPA was good.

I've had the Rogue Chocolate Stout before, and it was DELICIOUS as usual!!!! I would happily taste only this beer all night long!

This American Pale Ale was GROSS.

Luckily, Hornsby's hard crisp cider worked effectively to clear the taste from our mouths.

Summer whipped up a bunch of orange snacks! Guess which bowl got finished last?

Time to play!

It was a total coincidence that my nail polish perfectly matched the moonshine maraschino cherries!

Tom and Nancy were euchre partners.


Look at Yumi's freaking hand!!!!!!!!

This is like a once in a lifetime euchre deal!!! Lucky!!!!!!! Obviously she called a loner.

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