Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was super special because I got to celebrate with my mom AND my mother-in-law!! Double the mom love! It's fun to combine families. We got together at Mer's house to celebrate the special day. I made (three!) pitchers of mojitos. It truly has become our traditional cocktail! Cheers!

Kayla made this super fresh, delicious salsa. Doesn't it look like a rainbow in a bowl?

Mer made fish tacos with avocado mango salsa and lime crema. Plus black beans with a pickled onion topping!

Mer and I were taking a bunch of pictures of the food. Then I took a picture of Mer taking pictures of the food.

Then Moss took a picture of me taking a picture of Mer taking a picture of the food! Moss's picture:

Then Mom took a picture of me taking a picture of the food!

Mom's picture:

So many picture takers! Mmm, fish taco assembly line. Fish hot off the grill!


Three generations of Erlewine ladies.

I made the Triple Berry Summer Buttermilk Bundt Cake from Smitten Kitchen.

It turned out SO GOOD!!! Bursting with berry goodness!

Usually whenever Moss and Kate get together they both turn into blurs.


Cracking up.

Dad, Moss and Kate played Pet Shop. This involved Dad and Moss talking through Kate's tap dancing shoes (telephones, obviously) as Dad tried to order a new puppy. Kate was Moss's assistant and made sure that the sale went smoothly.

The happy customer with his new puppy!


Tickle fight!

Happy Mother's Day, Mer!

Right before it was time to leave, we managed to fit in a quick Harlem Shake.

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