Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom! SURPRISE!!!

Today was Mom's 65th birthday, and Dad planned a special surprise party for her at Restaurant Salaam! She was under the impression that she was just going to a small dinner with Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue, Ben and me, and that we'd be having another family party later in the week with Mer, Pete and Little Kate.

Little did she know, Dad had invited a big group of friends to help us celebrate!! Here's Dad with his two party planning helpers!

Birthday girl!

We filled up three tables!

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio

Libby and Mom!

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio


Ben's pretty Chicken Bisteeya.

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio, Chicken Bisteeya

I got one of the specials – Palak Paneer. It was SOOOOOO good!!!!!!!!!! It was exactly what I was in the mood for and even tastier than I hoped it would be. Delicious!

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio, Palak Paneer

Place cards!

CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Ry made this glorious chocolate cake for the party.

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio


Look at the size of that CAKE!

Chocolatey enough?? It was incredible.

Story teller!

Restaurant Salaam Athens Ohio


Libby gave Mom some beautiful hyacinths. She reused a gift bag and forgot to remove the card attached!!!! Hahahahahah!! We got a really good laugh out of that.

Birthday girl!


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