Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weenie Roast

To celebrate Mother's Day, we gathered at Mer, Pete and Kate's (also known as Camp Erlewine) for a weenie roast! We kept scooting our chairs to avoid the campfire smoke.

Kate kept picking irises.

Mmm! Delicious wieners!

Mer made cole slaw!

I made Smitten Kitchen's tzatziki potato salad!

Smitten Kitchen tzatziki potato salad

I also made a crockpot of baked beans that were BARELY done in time.

Pete had the best suggestion ever to have BLT hot dogs. They were sooooo good!


Kate got this Buster lookalike at a yard sale. We put batteries in it and watched it come to life!

It was definitely creepy.

Then it was time to make s'mores!

Golden brown!

Look at that perfect golden brown marshmallow!


Pete made a Peep s'more!

Roast those lil' bunnies!

Getting all toasty and plump.

Mmm, Peep s'more.

Happy Mother's Day!

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