Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cheryl's Disco 50th

Cheryl turned 50 this month, which was obviously cause for a major party!! Carrie hosted a fantastic disco-themed birthday party. There was a low-country boil!

Low-country boil is where you cook corn, potatoes, crab, shrimp and sausage together in a big pot.

The pot gets dumped out onto some clean newspaper, and everyone eats with their hands!! I've read about them, but this was my first time experiencing one.

It was delicious!!

And fun to eat!

There was also a table full of sides and appetizers!

And strawberry margarita cupcakes!!

Everybody got super decked out and Cheryl looked AMAZING.

There was lots of great music and dancing!


When night fell, the party really got started! Disco lights!

Line dancing!

The Village People even made an appearance!!

Kaylee did the Thriller Dance!

Cheryl, Megan and Molly!

Nighttime cornhole.

And of course there was some Goofy Cornhole. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHERYL!

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