Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cooking Club: Athens Restaurant Inspiration

Nancy hosted this month's cooking club, and the theme was took cook something inspired by one of your favorite dishes at an Athens restaurant! Nancy paid homage to the infamous Late Night Pizza artichoke pie.

IT WAS SO GOOD. We ate it piping hot and it really hit the spot.


Basil NEVER comes out during cooking club! He is always hiding on or under Nancy's bed! So it was a real treat to see him. He hung out with us all night!

Summer made dolmas inspired by Habibi's Restaurant. They were the best dolmas I've ever had! The spices, rice and raisins inside were warm and delicious, and the grape leaves were tender.

Yumi made a spinoff of palak paneer from Star of India!

I made the Purple Chopstix tom yum soup. SPICY. Emily recreated the Zoe chopped salad!

These three items went fantastically together! YUM!

For dessert, Valerie made the Casa Nueva brownie smackdown. It was her first time making ice cream and it was so good!! The brownies were amazing. I LOVE this dessert. I was too full to finish my last two bites and now that I'm less full I want to go back in time and get to eat them.

Basil enjoyed a couple of spoonfuls of melted ice cream.

What a fun cooking club theme, and what a delicious night!


Morgan said...

I love and miss Late Night Pizza's artichoke pie!!! Eating that was heaven on earth. Making my own version is good, but never quite the same.

orangek8 said...

That's awesome that you make it yourself though! Mmmm.