Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ohiowomen photo shoot

Our office organized a group photo shoot for women who work at Ohio University, to be published in an upcoming ohiowomen edition of Ohio Today magazine. Almost 400 people registered for the photo! Our team spent the week organizing, folding and alphabetizing the shirts. Today we got to distribute them. Hailee's been waiting for the right moment to get her FIRST unicorn pegasus tattoo, and we decided that since today is also our first day getting to be TWINS, it would be the perfect time!


See!?!? Twins!!!!! We took a break and went to Pita Pit for lunch.

Assembling for the photo.

Selfie in a sea of women!

Hailee and Sarah! Three amigos reunited! (Sarah is currently out on maternity leave and we miss her A LOT.)

Lots of women!

After the photo shoot, Katrina got a unipeg! She was STOKED!

So excited!

Here's the final picture. Didn't it turn out so good?!

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