Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had help in the kitchen this year! Little Kate is old enough to ride her bike to my house by herself, so she rode down and we cooked together. We made sugared cranberries first.

Kate arranged them in a pretty pattern to dry.

Then she helped me make stuffing! She's a great bread tearer!

Finished product!

We gathered at Mer and Pete's for dinner. Cheryl brought an antipasto platter!!

It was a huge hit!

Moss was bartender, and Kate was his assistant.

Fruit loop!

Cucumber gimlet.

The dog across the street was outside being brushed and Felix was STARING.

Beautiful turkey!

Yang and Moss showed up in the same sweater, unplanned! LUCKY!

Who would've thought?!

Mom making gravy!

Dad carving the bird.

Dinnertime! Cheryl brought mac and cheese.

Dishing up!

Felix would like a plate too, please.

Oh, hi!


Squirrel decorations!

Kate's pet rats Lambie and Pepper got to have a plate of food too! LOOK HOW CUTE. One noodle each!!!

Mmm, stuffing!

Time for some jamming.


Dad ran home to get his holiday sweater so they could be TRIPLETS.

After pie, we played Apples to Apples!

Then Craig showed up to cause some trouble.

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