Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy 2016!

Ben and I had the family over tonight for good luck pork tacos! We kicked things off with a trio of salsas from Casa.

Kate entertained us with a party trick she called the Horn Show:

Dad gave a really nice toast! I think we're all looking forward to 2016.

Cheryl brought Chambord to have with our prosecco! Yum, cheers!

Good luck pork tacos! I forgot to get out the pickled red onions at first, wah! Luckily most people hadn't had seconds yet and were able to enjoy some.

Then we played Charades!! Dad went first and his was a hard one!



Little Kate was reluctant to go but then got up and NAILED IT! "Microwave!"

Ben getting some congratulations after his team guessed his clue ("Doug Latz") very quickly.


Mom had "The Last Unicorn"!

Charades was REALLY fun. For dessert I made orange bundt cake with chocolate ganache. Cheryl brought a buttermilk pie also, but I didn't manage to snap a picture of that.

 What a great night with family, and I hope everyone has a super wonderful 2016!

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