Sunday, August 14, 2016

Poontoon Cooking Club

Yumi spearheaded the August Cooking Club, and we took to the water. We're on a boat!!!!!!!!!! Oh, also the theme was toothpick picnic. Everything had to be able to be eaten on a toothpick.

The forecast had predicted an 80% chance of thunderstorms all week, and we had considered canceling. But look at that!! The rain held off until later in the day, and we had PERFECT pontoon boat weather. Cooking club weather miracle.

Me and Summer!

Cooking club, on a boat!

Captain Yumi!

Yumi and Emily.

The champagne cork was a little rambunctious and caught Yumi by surprise. It was funny.

Valerie resurrected an old cooking club favorite, bloody mary tomatoes! Salty, peppery, and vodka-y.

Yumi made two kinds of sangria! A white wine watermelon sangria, and a cabernet red sangria! Cheers!

Watermelon mint skewers for the white sangria!

Fruity fruit skewers for the red sangria!

I made spicy avocado egg salad tea sandwiches.

Summer made grilled shrimp skewers with an apricot dipping sauce!

AND lemon pepper grilled shrimp. Both were amazing!

Yumi made a muffuletta. She nailed it!

Look at that delicious dough and those meaty, olivey layers! She also made a caprese vegetarian one. I didn't manage to get a photo of that one. They were equally delicious!

So cute!

We battled several gusts of wind throughout the afternoon. Hot, balmy wind!

Nancy made two types of popsicles! Peach melba, with raspberries, peaches and vanilla ice cream.

And strawberry black pepper! They were both amazing. My favorite was whichever happened to be in my mouth at the time. We ended up adding champagne to the cups for the strawberry ones and creating a strawberry champagne slush. Yum!

Relaxing in the lake!


Yumi and Nancy!

Pontoon party!


Captain Yumi.

Emily made grilled halloumi skewers with watermelon and rosemary. The halloumi was SO SQUEAKY and delicious. I think I ate like forty of these. I love love love halloumi.

She also made a greek salad bowl, skewer your own!

Mmm, mmm! Salady!

Look at that blue heron!

At one point, our anchor got stuck. Summer and Nancy pulled with all their might and ended up drudging up an old Christmas tree?!?!?

No, wait! TWO old Christmas trees!

They were black and smelly and slimy.

Summer and Nancy are totally our heroes for releasing the anchor from those disgusting trees.

Yumi floated pretty far away!

We tried to do the thing where it looks like we are passing her her drink, but this is as good as we could get. Haha.

At one point we couldn't get the boat to start again!

But then Captain Yumi climbed back aboard and we were off again.

Pregnant Emily! Beautiful!

Captain Yumi!

Contemplating jumping in.


The skies were looking pretty crazy by the time we brought the boat back to the dock, over three hours after we had started our pontoon adventure. Sunny one direction...

...dark and stormy the other!

Naughty Captain Yumi!

This woman was stand up paddle boarding with her dog! Awesome!!




Antonio Banderas/Khal Drogo of the Dothraki helped us dock our boat. THANKS!

It started sprinkling as we pulled into the dock, and started pouring as we drove away in our cars. Talk about perfect timing! A cooking club weather miracle!

Video of our pontoon adventure:

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