Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! We spent the morning at Mom and Dad's. Little Kate and I got matching unicorn slippers for Christmas!


Clearly the best Christmas ever!

Breakfast time! Potato, sausage, onion and pepper hash.

Plus, eggs made to order!

Tickle break!

MMM! Plus, fluffy waffles! This was a great breakfast.

Fruit, too!

We went home for the afternoon. Felix gets a scoop of King Family Farm raw meat pet food every night as a treat. We call it his Meat Treat. This is how patient he is! He just sits there, patiently and quietly, waiting until you serve him. Sometimes I don't even realize he's there! GOOD BOY.

We headed to Mer, Pete and Kate's for Christmas Dinner! Mer made vanilla vodka cocktails.

I made wedge salads. These were amazing. I could eat this every day.

They look like towering mountains! I sure would like to be a little tiny salad mountain climber and climb up those delicious waterfalls of buttermilk dressing.

Merry Christmas!

Checking out Mer's special gravel rouser book that she made.

Family photo!

Take two!

Baked potato, sauteed bok choy, and beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce. YUM YUM YUM.

Another family photo!

Mer made cream puffs for dessert! There were vanilla ones, and banana rum. The banana rums were the champions. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

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