Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cooking Club Game Night

Yumi is house sitting this spring, and she hosted a game night party at her house! The challenge was to create a dish that represents a game. She invited extra guests, too! Look at the beautiful view!

Shot glass chess!

Nancy made ParCHEESY fondue. MMM!

Valerie made shortbread dominoes. So cute!

Yumi did Connect Four! She made a bunch of different round appetizers, and had toothpicks for us to use to spear four things in a row. Fun!

Curried seared bay scallops and marinated hearts of palm.

Quick pickled cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese balls with fresh herbs and lemon peel.

Tater tots with jalepeno and onion.

Connect 4!

Summer made Operation Dim Sum. She made potstickers, and using chopsticks, you had to try to get them out of the eyes of this face and dip them into the mouth hole where delicious dipping sauce awaited. Without touching the edges with your chopsticks, of course. Or you would get ZAPPED!


Go, Nancy!

I made Scrabble soup! AKA Olive Garden minestrone recipe with alphabet pasta.

Then it was time for games! We opted for euchre. Haha, Ben and Summer had to cram onto the tiniest love seat. No touching!



Shot glass chess! That's beer inside the glasses.

That was a unique and fun episode of cooking club. Thanks for hosting, Yumi!

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