Saturday, January 27, 2018

Fire and Ice cooking club

Tonight was Fire and Ice cooking club at Valerie's house. Summer, Valerie and I were the chefs. There was a lot of fiery action this evening, so I put together a quick video.

Now for the photos. Look at that table. Fire and ice!!

Yumi brought Dragon wine. Dragons breathe FIRE!

I made Fairytale of New York cocktails. To make them, you first brew up a winter warmth simple syrup, so drinking them is like warming yourself by the fire.

Summer made spicy fennel and black peppercorn drumsticks on the fiery hot grill.

Hot, hot, hot!

I made refreshing iceberg wedge salads to cool things down.

Lady in red, with fire behind her and an icy wedge in front!

Grilled bread to go with.

Valerie surprised us with LED ice cubes! They don't light up until they make contact with the water. So cool!

Chatting while the chefs cook!

Spicy hot chicken legs! With a cooling creamy gorgonzola sauce.


Valerie made shrimp scampi. FlambΓ©!


Summer made spicy chocolate ice cream.

To go with Val's Crepe Suzette!

So much yum!

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