Sunday, June 03, 2018

Nelsonville Music Festival 2018

Nelsonville Music Festival 2018!! Summer, Yumi and I were a posse this year. We started things off Thursday afternoon with RADATTACK on the Porch Stage.

They were super fun!

Then we headed to the Main Stage for Sunflower Bean.

Beer Garden at sunset!

Blueprint at the Porch Stage.


The Deringers!

Friday afternoon, we headed back out to catch Bedouine at the Boxcar Stage.


Baby Jasper!

Jasper and Yumi!

Riley, Vana and Jasper.

Over to the Main Stage for Nick Waterhouse.

Yumi and Missy!

Suzie and Valerie!

Erick and Missy!

Yumi and me!

Summer and Jeremy!

Dancing to Combo Chimbita.

To the Main Stage for The Decemberists!

Suzie and Summer!


Lead singer Colin Meloy wasn't feeling well, and by the time they got to the grand finale, the Mariner's Revenge, he asked if anyone in the audience would be able to hop up and sing for him. This guy Dan volunteered, and saved the day!


It was pretty epic.

Somebody posted a video of it on YouTube.

Giant whale!

Then, it was Saturday! Yang and Summer.

Look, it's Dan Jones!

Kevin Morby on the Main Stage.

Riley and Valerie!

Kristi and Yumi!

Mmm, Kaiser's.


Me and Lil' Kate!

There was a new feature at NMF this year, the skate ramp stage!! The D-Rays played a set on the skate ramp as the skaters did their thing. This was definitely one of the highlights of the festival for me. So fun!!

Go, Moss!

Anne and Suz!

Mer, Anne and me!

Go, Craig!


Tank and the Bangas. This band was an unexpected delight!

So bizarre and fun.

Giant pizza raft! I love NMF.

That's when we noticed Summer's mom, Debi, was right up front! So Summer surprised her.

Bill and Debi!

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. A national treasure!

A giant octopus made of balloons was marched through the crowd. It was pretty sweet!

Good night, NMF!

Sunday was the last day. Sadness!! We started out with River Whyless at the Main Stage.

Vana and Jasper!

Yumi, Mer and Pete!

Ice cream!

Yumi and me!

Honey for the Heart parade!

Yumi and Ashley!

Counterfeit Madison, back again from last year!

Yumi and me in the hot hot heat!

Counterfeit Madison is always a good show!

Look, it's Summer and Dan, The Decemberists hero!

The tUnE-yArDs.

That was our last show at the Porch Stage. Bye bye, Porch Stage!

Lori, Jude and Rik!

The final act of the festival, Ani DiFranco.

Our final photo of the fest! With Debbie! Til next year, NMF. We love you!!!

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