Sunday, July 15, 2018

Erlewine Family Reunion

Ben, Felix and I took a road trip this weeken to my home town of Big Rapids, Michigan, for a family reunion! It was our first trip with Felix. We have a tradition of packing big sandwiches and stopping for lunch at a rest stop. Mmm, sandwiches.

We got into Michigan pretty late on Friday night. On Saturday, we took Felix for a walk along the riverwalk! This artwork was behind what used to be Big Rapids High School, and is now the middle school.

The riverwalk is awesome! It's new since I was a kid.

Kayaker! See why they call it Big Rapids?

Riverwalk boys.

The old high school!


The high school is now the middle school.

Grandma's old house!!! It looks exactly the same. I burst into tears.

Awwww!!!! Man, this was the most magical place on earth for me as a child.

Grandma's shop out back!!

The public library, kitty-corner from our old house.

Our old house!

We stopped by Uncle Michael and Aunt Margaret's house on the way to the reunion. I sure played in this back yard a lot growing up!

The reunion was at Uncle Phillip and Aunt Carla's house. This pond is another place I played a ton growing up! And now the next generation of cousins is there having a blast.

And Felix, too!

The reunion was the best! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so much family.

Phillip grilled a bunch of food and we feasted!

Family reunion!

Family photo! Thanks to Uncle Michael for capturing this moment.

There was a special surprise in store for us, that Uncle Phillip and Dad announced. Family friend Gene Anderson was going to put on a magic show for us!!

His tricks were amazing! And there was a brief moment where Felix stole the show by walking up that entire garage staircase behind him and then shuffling around in the attic! It was hilarious. I couldn't take pictures of it because I was laughing too hard!

Ring trick!

Rope trick!

Egg trick.

Newspaper trick! This is the BEST trick.

Unicorn Pegasus on cousin Anne!

Unipeg on Kate!

Big Rapids has these cement dog statues throughout the town and Felix growls and barks at them when we drive by. It's pretty funny!

We walked to Michael and Margaret's for breakfast on Sunday, and walked through Mitchell Creek Park, which brought back childhood memories!

This fancy gazebo is a new addition.

It's nice.

One last Unicorn Pegasus for the weekend, for cousin Iotis!

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