Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cooking Club: Sauced!

For this month's cooking club, Yumi hosted and the theme was "Sauced!" All of our courses would include or feature a sauce. Yumi was house-sitting, so we had our dinner at Molly's house. Look at that view! Emily and I were the helper cooks. We got our hands on a smoker (thanks, Uncle Tom!), so we smoked several courses.

Molly's dog Logan was our special guest. He is a good boy.

Who's a good boy??

Logan is a good boy!

Now, on to the food! Yumi smoked some salmon!

Emily made a cocktail with cranberry sauce and brandy. Cheers!

Yumi also smoked ribs, which she served with barbecue sauce! She paired the salmon with a yogurt dill sauce.

Emily smoked some roasted potatoes, which she served with a romesco sauce!

I made chilled asparagus with an orange balsamic reduction.

I also made crab poppers with a creamy horseradish dipping sauce!

YUM!! Saucy!

Check out that unicorn pegasus! Rowr!

We played Bowl of Nouns before dessert.

Dessert!!! We served ice cream sundaes, and each of us contributed a sauce. Yumi made strawberry sauce, Emily made hot fudge, and I made butterscotch sauce. This was delicious!!

What a saucy and delicious cooking club!

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