Saturday, November 09, 2019

Comfort Food Cooking Club

Valerie, Summer and Nancy were the cooks for this evening's cooking club, and the theme was comfort food! We were told to eat light all day and come wearing stretchy pants.

Valerie started us off with some potato chips and homemade french onion dip.

For cocktails, Val made a round of Scarlett O'Haras. This drink is Southern Comfort and cranberry juice. Cheers!

Then she made a round of Rhett Butlers! Southern Comfort with orange curaƧao. Hers and his cocktails, how delightful!

After cocktails, it was time to head on to the deep fryer portion of the evening.

Awwwww yeah! Beer battered fish!

And hot, crispy fries!

Valerie made some amazing tartar sauce. We had truffle oil, vinegar, bourbon ketchup and cheese as fry toppings.

Normal humans might have decided to stop the meal there. But not us! That comfort just kept on coming! Summer made crab macaroni and cheese!

CRAB MACARONI AND CHEESE!! So crabby! And with light, crispy panko on top! Mmmm.

Around this point, Riley stopped by. Solly, who had been hanging with us, was happy to see his momma.


Next on the menu was Valerie's brie-stuffed soft pretzels. This is basically my dream food!

The pretzels were served with Nancy's tomato sesame soup. Plus some honey mustard sauce for dipping. Match made in heaven!

To make sure that we left feeling as comforted as humanly possible, these ladies made TWO desserts. Summer made a layered cheesecake with Bailey's and chocolate, with an Oreo crust and ganache topping.

And Nancy made apple crisp with fresh whipped cream!

What a delicious and ridiculous meal. Enough comfort to last for ages! Good night!

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