Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Treasure Hunt

Happy Mother's Day! My family is lucky enough to all live within a block of each other, so we've been able to see each other during the COVID-19 quarantine. We regularly do walks in my neighborhood, where we can stay six feet apart.

For Mother's Day, Mer and I planned a treasure hunt throughout the neighborhood! We told Mom to meet at my house at 2 p.m., and handed her the first clue.

There is only one marine animal that we know of on Briarwood
Find a clue there to get started on a hunt through the ‘hood

Now that you’ve found your first clue,
let Lucy lead you to clue #2

Lucy loves to sniff the mulch on this particular section of the street, and she did lead Mom right to the clue! Dad helped find it.

Only a fairy could fit through this door
Find a clue there and then you’ll find more

The fairy house at Abby's house!

You can hook up a fire hose to this tap,
But you gotta find it yourself, we’re not giving you a map

A grand driveway entrance made of brick
Is where you’ll find our next clue trick

Onward! Now you must push
To find orange flagging tied to a bush

What’s this? Irises ready to bloom
Find a clue there then zoom zoom zoom

Underneath here you’ll have to look,
The only place on the street to borrow a book

When you find the next clue you won’t be failing
To look underneath a public railing

Down on the “low side” you’ll see
A place to live if you were a chickadee

This thing that looks like a lollipop
Actually tells your car just where to stop

When we moved to Athens I didn't understand
Why there seemed to be so many Tigers fans
Then I found out that this special D
Was for Dispatch, not baseball, you see

This is it!
Your final clue
Head to Mer’s house,
we’ll show you what to do

Little Kate made a lovely finish line sign!

Mer and I decorated the yard, and had disposable gloves and hand sanitizer available! And gift for mom!

Felix was excited to watch Mom open her gift. A weather station!

Though we've seen each other throughout the quarantine, this Mother's Day gathering was the first time we actually got to relax and enjoy each other's company. We had beers! Mer grilled sausages and served them very safely with gloves on.

Felix supervised my sausage eating.

We also had individual bags of chips! No sharing.

Family time!

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