Saturday, August 27, 2022

August Cooking Club: Summer's Bounty

Our August cooking club theme was Summer’s Bounty! We had a few very special guests and ate boatloads of delicious summery goodness.

Nancy made Pink lemonade Jell-O shots. Yum!


Emily made watermelon salad with basil and feta. So refreshing!

Summer made roasted tomatoes with goat cheese. We put this on crackers. Sooo good!

Valerie made cold avocado soup with cilantro oil. This had a kick!

Valerie also made this grilled corn and halloumi salad with Israeli couscous. I looooove halloumi so much!

Nancy made two tomato tarts. One cooked tomato tart with basil and parsley purée and Gouda cheese...

...and one fresh tomato tart with a goat cheese & basil spread! I couldn't decide which one I loved more so I kept tasting both.

Emily made sabayon with fresh peaches. Mmm!

This photo IS summertime!! 

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