Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! We gathered at my house for a lasagna feast. Felix says, "Merry Christmas!"


Ready to party!

Little pumpernickel sandwiches and cocktails before dinner. Mom brought a delicious salad!

Waiting for the lasagna to come out of the oven!

Pete and Lucy!

Little Kate and Big Kate! Little Kate is wearing my favorite sweater from high school AND the Doc Martens I bought myself on a class trip to London in high school!!!!! Awww!

Little Kate gives amazing massages.

Checking out the presents...

Lasagna's ready!


After dinner, we watched 'Twas The Night -- A Holiday Celebration. If you haven't seen this holiday special before, I highly recommend it! It's very sweet.

Little Kate got this Double Chocolate Ring cake from Homeboy Foods as a gift from her uncle, and generously shared it with us for dessert.

It was so so so so so so sooooo good!! We couldn't stop eating it! Now I want to try more Homeboy Foods cakes!

Good night, folks! Santa is on his way!

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