Saturday, June 22, 2002

Dora's Dunkin' Donuts

STILL SICK!! My throat hurts again today and I don't feeeeeeel good. And I'm coughy. Blech. I have to get better by Wednesday so I'm alright for New Orleans!! Today was an okay day at work. I went in a tanning bed for the first time in my life. I always said I would never try one, but Summer had a few extra sessions and she offered two of them to me for free! So I tried it, and it wasn't bad! It was pretty relaxing! I would never actually buy tanning sessions, I'd feel too guilty, but I can justify these two because they're free, and in preparation for my vacation! This way, hopefully I won't burn the second I start running around in the hot Louisiana sun. So I had that appointment today, and I have another on Monday, and then that's it for tanning beds for me!! I must say, I enjoyed it, though!

So after work I didn't do much, I didn't feel so good. Jenny Wray was coming tonight, so I was all prepared to go out even though I knew I shouldn't. Well she just showed up at about 10:15, and I actually decided NOT to go out. I'm very proud of myself. It sucks that I don't get to hang out with her since she's only here for one night, but I have GOT to get better and that would've been extremely counterproductive. Hey, she's crashing here - I'll see her in the morning!

I watched The Little Princess tonight. Every bit as good as I remembered it. It came with two extra "shorts" on the DVD - "Dora's Dunkin' Donuts," and "Kid Goes to Africa." The Africa one was REALLY weird. It was Shirley Temple, in the African Jungle, by herself. She was hanging out with a circle of little African children (there were no adults in this movie), when they suddenly start screaming "CANNIBALS!" and a group of slightly larger African children jump out from behind bushes and trees. These children have war paint on their faces. They sneak up behind the non-cannibal kids, and begin pouring salt on their heads, as if they're food!!! It's so weird! Then they chase everyone around, and eventually it cuts to a scene with Shirley Temple in a big pot of water, and the cannibal kids are cooking her. They keep sampling the water with a ladle to see if the stew is "done." Shirley is just sitting there yelling "HELP! HELP!" the whole time. Then suddenly a little boy in a cheetah skin appears in a tree. He yells a couple of times (in a man's deep voice, which is pretty funny), and eventually comes and saves her. She's really happy. Then cut to a scene of them in normal clothes and he says he wants to go golfing this afternoon, and she says "absolutely not. you're going home and doing the dishes." THE END!! It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird. It didn't make too much sense. It was funny though. Oh, at one point the leader of the cannibal group picks up his coconut shell phone and calls the leader of another group and invites him to the feast, and the second leader goes, "If there's one thing I like, It's missionary stew!" I thought that was funny.

So, um I need to get some sleep for once. I'm going to go try and do that now.

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