Sunday, June 02, 2002

Ice Hockey

Well, my *plan* for this evening was to do a bunch of work on the web site, but now I'm really tired and my throat hurts so I'm going to go read instead. Then go to bed. I actually did sit down at my computer with the intent to get started, but instead I spent some time choosing and purchasing a plane ticket to LA!! Yay! I'm going to visit my friend Jason in August! That'll be awesome. So the least I can do tonight is add a little to my journal.

This was a pretty full weekend! Anne and Tim came down! Friday night, three bands played at Ellis Hall, OU's English building. It was weird seeing bands there because I had so many classes there in college! Tim's Band, "In the Black Hearts of Men" played their first show ever. It was awesome. Their friends' band, Denovo, played too, and they were great too! They all stayed at my house, along with two of their friends and of course, Anne and Tim! So I got to have another fun filled weekend of guests! Everybody LOVED Emma, which was great. I'm sure they loved Charlie too, but he just wasn't putting in as much of an effort to be cute this weekend.

After the show, we all went to The Union. They had new drinks - The Lemonbomb and the Chandra. They're the same drink, except the Chandra is drink-size and the Lemonbomb is shot-size. They had TONS of lemon in them!
Since I loooove lemon, these were the perfect drinks for me. They were so sour! The funny thing is that by the end of the night, they had to take down the "Try a Lemonbomb!" signs, because they ran out of lemons!

After The Union, we went to an afterhours party. We hung out on the porch for awhile, then played around in the kitchen. The next morning we all headed uptown for lunch, then ate it on the college green. When we were finished eating we went cd shopping. We were hanging around outside the cd store, and for some reason (a bike race? maybe?) ALL the parking spots on court street and union street had those yellow plastic "NO PARKING" bags over them. Well, this tough biker in leather pants with fringe, a leather vest, tattoos, sunglasses, etc... pulled into a spot, RIPPED the no parking bag off the meter, and went into The Duplication Station (a place you go to photocopy stuff)!!! Then he came back outside when he was done, got on his bike and sped off!! It was totally tough. He didn't put the bag back either, but I guess I wouldn't really expect him to.

At this point Denovo had to take off to get the van they rented back to Columbus in time, so the rest of us headed to The Front Room. There, I played Ice Hockey with Anne, on the patio. Ice Hockey is a game I made up freshman year of college. You sit on the wall of the patio, and try to spit ice cubes into the hole in the grates on the sidewalk that trees grow out of. Before I go any further, I think a diagram is necessary:

There, hopefully the game makes more sense now! Anyway, if you spit an ice cube directly into the hole, you get five points, and if it hits the ground and slides into the hole you get 2 points. This game rules, and I was always the reigning champion, but Anne beat me!!! It sucked. Luckily, the guy I usually play, Adam Goldman, showed up and so I got to play him and beat him. He still has never beat me! BWA HA HA! So that was fun as usual. The bad thing is that we got sunburned pretty badly while we were there. It didn't show up for a few hours though.

Anne and I went to the Lake and laid out for awhile afterward, but we put plenty of sunscreen on. But after a few hours the sunburns we got at the Front Room really began to surface. OWWW. Mine still hurts. When we got back to my apartment, Adam had mowed the yard and set up the patio furniture and got out the grill! My parents just got a new gas grill so they gave us their old one. YES!!! And THEN.... sorry! To be continued. I thought I could make it but I can't. I'm WAY too tired and my throat hurts so I should go to bed so I'm not sick all day tomorrow. Anyway, more on the BBQ soon! Hopefully tomorrow! I'm not even going to proofread this, so I'm sorry for any mistakes!

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