Friday, April 30, 2004


Yesterday was Adam's birthday. Since I have this week off from work I mostly bummed around the house most of the day. For dinner we rushed uptown and got a slice of pizza from Goodfella's. Then we went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I liked it a lot, but I'm not sure I LOVED it... I want to see it again. I really loved Touching the Void, which we saw the night before. That movie was freaking amazing. I want to get the book.

Anyway after the movie Adam headed over to his friends house and I drank a beer and watched some TV. Then I was really tired so I headed into the bedroom. I like to sleep with the windows open, but my window was open just a little too much so I decided to shut it a little. I pushed down on it, and we have those kinds of windows where you can detach them so that you can reach them to clean them, and the whole window fell into the room and landed on my FACE!!!!! I had my glasses on and it twisted one of the little nose pad thingees, but basically the fall of the window was broken by my face.

Suprisingly, my nose didn't bleed, but it hurts like hell and is a little swollen. I have a sore swollen area on my nose and also to the right of my nose on my face. STUPID WINDOW!!! Here are pictures:

Sucks. Oh well though. It's Friday! Jason and Julie are going to come over tonight, we're going to have some beers and order pizzas and play games. Beer is BOUND to help my pain!

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