Sunday, April 03, 2005

Amanda bought a bike!

Amanda came to town yesterday in the hopes of buying a bicycle. Athens Bicycle was having a huge Super Sale, so it was a great weekend for bike buying! On Saturday night, Amanda met Mer and Pete after the shop closed, and they helped her figure out what bikes would be best for her. Then we went to Casa for dinner! YUM! Afterward we bought some Sparks and went to my house to play Pictionary. We played a game of regular, and a game of Eyes Closed, which is always hilarious. Since my Pictionary skills are really the only things I ever brag about, I have no shame in announcing that I won BOTH games. Heck yes!

Then on Sunday, we went to Bagel Street Deli for lunch then to the bike store for test riding! It was a gorgeous day. Amanda knew right away which bike was for her, and while the Athens Bicycle crew got everything set up, we went to the Ridges to play miniature golf. It was a nice time!

Click here for photos.

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