Sunday, April 10, 2005

Michelle and Aaron come to visit!!

This weekend, I made some new friends. Michelle is Joey's good friend, and Mer has hung out with her several times and told me that she's tons of fun and that I would love her. Michelle and her boyfriend Aaron came to Athens on Saturday night and I hung out with the gang. Mer was right! They're super fun!

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First, Mer cooked dinner for us all. We had lamb patties in pitas with yogurt cucumber mint sauce, orzo salad, and fresh greens salad with strawberries. Then we went to Purple Chopstix for a party. Ed, the owner, is the biggest Napoleon Dynamite fan in town. He came up with this grand plan where he’s going to have a party every Saturday night for 10 weeks. He’s going to take videos at each party and then at the 10th party he’s going to show the footage! Also, they’re loosely Napoleon Dynamite-themed, so you can dress up if you want. Then at the final party it’s going to be totally Napoleon Dynamite-themed and he’s going to have a tot spread, complete with fancy dipping sauces!

The party was fun. Ed made delicious sangria, and Moss made ghetto mimosas (orange Mad Dog plus AndrĂ© Champagne). Mmm! There was music, dancing, and even some cake. You can view a little movie of Moss dancing by clicking on the Dancing Moss at right, but unfortunately, it’s sideways. I’m still learning my new camera, okay?

We didn’t stay out too late because everyone but Michelle and I were going on a huge bike ride on Sunday. Instead of the bike ride, Michelle and I hung out uptown. We went to Casa for brunch and ended up meeting up with Moss and Ed. We were at Casa for over three hours! It was Michelle’s first time, which is always special. Then we got ice cream and hung out in the sunshine before going back to Mer’s where we met up with the tired bikers. They were also hungry bikers, and we all ended up going to Casa for dinner! I got to have a Paw Paw Wheat beer, my new FAVORITE. It’s from the Marietta Brewing Company and it’s 9% alcohol. It tastes like a golden ray of sunshine being poured into my throat! It is DELICIOUS.

After dinner, Michelle and Aaron had to go home, bringing the fun visit to an end.

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