Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Fair

I went to the fair tonight! I hadn't been in a couple of years, and it was a lot different. They had tons of different rides than they usually do! Unfortunately, the ferris wheel was broken. That was unfortunate.

The first two rides that I rode on, the teacups and the swings, there were barfers. On the teacups, this girl with an orange lei was barfing, and on the swings, this girl got off her swing when the ride was over, barfed a little trail over to this spot, and then collapsed and barfed all over the place. It was gross.

I had lots of good fair food! I had a fish tail sandwich, a choco-vanilla swirl soft serve cone, and a candy apple. I also got tastes of two different kinds of fries, and a bloomi' onion!

My favorite ride of the night might have been The Scrambler. Rose and I could NOT stop laughing. Much of that had to do with the two guys in the cart in front of us. They were these two goth guys with longish black hair, and they were both swiveling their heads with the rhythm of the ride, such that their faces would be pointing into the wind so that their hair would flow back behind them. They did this for the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE RIDE. It was the weirdest thing to watch. They weren't laughing or smiling, just making sure that their hair was flowing.

I also walked away with a sweet unicorn necklace, engraved for FREE. It was a good time, The Athens County Fair.

Click here for photos.

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