Sunday, November 13, 2005

Charlie Looks Like an Owl!

Adam made this little cat bed inside an old speaker cabinet. He hardly ever goes inside it, but he did today! He looked JUST like an owl in it's tree. It kept cracking me up.

Seriously, look:

Doesn't he look just like an owl in a tree?

Kitty time!



I pet Emma while Charlie watches from inside the speaker.

HOOT HOOT HOOT, little owl!

I decided to join the kitties and put on my cat ears. Charlie and Emma STARED at me.

Charlie seriously would not stop looking up at the top of my head.


Extreme closeup of EXTREME handsomeness.

Time to bust out the cat toys.

Emma wants to KILL that toy.

GET it!


Charlie emerges from the owl hole to help attack.

Then he sat on the speaker for awhile, looking handsome.

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