Friday, November 11, 2005

Girl's Weekend in Columbus

Ashley hosted a Girl's Weekend at her apartment in Columbus! On Friday night, we played Pit, ate Mexican food, and made a bunch of toasts with a bottle of wine.

Saturday, we went shopping! We ate lunch at the Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaraunt. I had never had Ethiopian before, and it was awesome!

That night, we went to our friend Amy's housewarming party. It was awesome. There was a guacamole contest AND hanky pankies at the same party! YUM.


Ashley hosted a Girls Weekend at her house in Columbus!

We took a lot of pictures. Poor Ashley didn't have a real camera so she had to pretend.

Jenny and Kara!

Mmm, Miller High Life Lite. Timeless!

We played Pit. SO fun.

I'm rapping or something?

On Saturday we went for coffee.



Saturday night, we went to Amy's Housewarming Party! Me, Suzanne, Kara, Anne.

Suzanne, Me and Anne.

Me and Anne are TOUGH, yo.

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