Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blue Lagoon

So last night, I was doing laundry, and all of a sudden laundry water came up through my TUB???? I contacted my landlord and we decided I'd call a plumber after the holiday weekend was over. This morning I decided to attempt a shower, and sure enough, something was wrong. By the time I was done there was about three inches of standing water in the tub. It did not drain by the time I left my house to go to Parkersburg for the afternoon.

When I returned, I ran excitedly to the bathroom, in the hopes that I would see an empty tub. Instead of an empty tub, though, I encountered a bathtub that was 2/3 full of BLUE WATER. It was CRAZY looking! Deciding it was an emergency, the plumber came that night. Can you imagine if that tub had overflowed? Blue water EVERYWHERE. Luckily, the problem is fixed now, but check it out!

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