Monday, September 04, 2006

Breaking and Entering

So, today I locked myself out of my apartment. Not only did I lock my keys inside, but also the spare set that I made for my parents. I was going to call my landlord and confess my shame, but Mom reminded me that Elliot was skilled in the art of credit card breaking and entering. So I called him up!

What you need is a credit card. It's good to have varying degrees of thickness, because all locks are different. You cut a notch in the card.

Then you insert the card around the door lock, and wiggle until you hit the sweet spot.

Some doors are harder to open than others. Mine was pretty hard, Elliot said. Good to know! But he got me in! GO ELLIOT!

I met my new neighbors, Julie and Macgregor during this adventure. Macgregor suggested that maybe we'd be able to climb the side of the building into my bedroom. So while Elliot was picking away at my door, Macgregor was scaling the side of the building! Ha! The window was locked though, and wouldn't budge. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of that part.

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