Saturday, October 07, 2006

Missy's Bachelorette Party

Missy's getting married! To celebrate, some of us ladies got together to eat and drink. Summer was an appetizer MACHINE! Look at all of the stuff she made!!!

Suzanne made the marshmellows. They were lemon scented. They were amazing. It is unclear whether Summer is going for the mellows or the boobies, here.

Suzanne was posing with a marshmellow and she dropped it, and her bosoms heaved!

The cutest darn cookies I've ever SEEN!

Yumi came up with the genius idea of roasting those lemon mellers.



I LOVE FALL. It means Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale.

Cookies! Cheers!

Suzanne likes the cookies.

The fire was awesome.

We went up to the Union later in the evening. It was all decked out for Lou's birthday!

Yumi and I took a little nap.

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