Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peeps and Car Bombs!

Tonight a group of us girls gathered at Jackie O's to have some beers. Leslie brought Peeps! We dipped them in our beers.

This lucky Peep got to drink a whole pint of Drawn and Portered!

Mmm, delicious!

The Peeps were surprisingly good dipped in beer.

Lisa and these boys did a round of car bombs, so I got out my camera!

After watching them enjoy their ICB's, we were inspired to do a round of our own! We had never done them on STAGE before, so we decided that we ought to!

Look! I only have one leg!


I think this picture looks like we are in a school play about peer pressure, and I really don't want to do that car bomb, but am feeling like I should.

Ready, set, go!


Look, Gina is DONE!!

Cathleen is up next, with myself a SPLIT second behind her. Gina has already moved onto the Irish Car Bomb Wipedown. Hahah look how PROUD Cathleen is!

Second place!! Aw yeeeeeah!

High Five!

Here we are all chatting about how delicious it was.

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